Bright and easy

Taken after a 21K race

Digging the bright digits!

Hot summer days are inching their way out, but that’s no reason you should chuck the bright nail polish. This one on my digits is Orly Nail Lacquer in Hot Shot (P319.75).
Two (brightly painted) thumbs up for this nailpolish because:
1. They didn’t chip even after three hours of rock climbing
2. They added an exclamation point to my ho-hum black bikini
3. “Are you wearing neon stickers on your nails?” asked my sister Rissa when she saw me sporting this shocking color. Great conversation opener
4. My little nieces and nephews think I look cool wearing them


8 thoughts on “Bright and easy

    • Hey Arlene! So since marie claire’s Ask Marie is no more, you can ask your burning beauty questions here! 😉

  1. the shade looks great on your skin! galing talaga ng orly. i’m a fan! tried most of their colors (except for yellow, i’ve yet to try it). beauty coach, where can you buy orly nail polish here in manila?

  2. Kids do seem to like the bright colors of Orly. I share a bottle of the OMG with my daughter and it lasts 4days despite climbing and rowing in toxic Manila Bay. Though I’m not sure if I should attribute the 4th day to a top coat of sparkly Sally Hansen Diamond Strength. We bought our Orly at SM Makati =)

    • Hey Gale, thanks for letting me know where else to get Orly. 🙂 Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails is a good choice, too. I painted mine last Sunday, and after two climbing sessions, it’s proving to be chip free. Then again, it also helps that I chose a more natural-looking shade this time.

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