Protection, your honor

These sunscreens rock

These sunscreens rock

When you’re climbing in the great outdoors, your top priorities are keeping safe: making sure your harness is strapped on correctly, your helmet is fastened on your head, and your ropes are properly rigged. Your skin is no exception and must be slathered with sunscreen.

The Gold medalists: VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70 (1,550) and Kiehl’s Lip Balm (P650)

What they survived: Three weeks of climbing in the scorching sun and cold wind on the big walls of Yosemite, California. The skin on my face didn’t feel sticky, the lotion disappeared into my skin (I didn’t look like a Geisha), and when I perspired, my eyes didn’t sting. The lip balm kept my lips from chapping, while giving them a hint of color.


14 thoughts on “Protection, your honor

  1. I LOVE ARMADA!!! Since I have freckles, my derma required me to wear a sunblock with high SPF everyday. Armada 60 is non greasy and blends well plus it’s made in the Philippines!

  2. Yup, Steph, Armada is really cool!
    Manangkepweng, a face moisturizer with SPF15 is good enough to wear in the city, but it doesn’t hurt to amp up your protection to a 30, especially if your office desk is situated near big windows.

  3. VMV! She was one of my string of dermatologists when I had pimples! Wow, time flies! Will check out Armada when I’m back in Manila.

    Remember when I used to take out my once-babies to catch some sun in the mornings? I’m back to doing that – minus the babies and minus protection. 10 minutes lang, I heard it’s beneficial to those living in areas where the sun doesn’t shine that much. After, I put on a light sunscreen (when I remember).

    • You know what, Tish, I’ve never had a problem with Armada stinging my eyes. Maybe that’s why I’m such a fan. And maybe it IS your venomous sweat, you little snake.

  4. I love using Armada for my body as well. Doesn’t smell like Off lotion like one of those Neutrogena sunblocks. These things are so darn expensive lang. But I try to buy local too as much as I can. However, I have yet to find sunblock for my face that will not make my naturally oily skin look oily all day. At the moment, I’m using the VMV Face Cover, it’s a bit more watery than their Face & Body cover so it’s doesn’t feel as sticky as other variants, but it still gives my face that sheen (not always in a good way).

    • Hi Owen! Murad Waterpfoof Sunblock SPF 30 and Avène Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+ don’t give me oil slick problems. Then again, I don’t have any problems with Armada being greasy, either. Try this: After applying your sunblock, take a piece of tissue paper and press it against your face, to get rid of extra shine. Then take a powder puff and dip it in loose powder (Shu Uemura Loose Powder is excellent), and tap off any excess. Press the puff on your face—rolling the puff from side to side. Concentrate on your T-Zone, which tends to be the oiliest part of the face. This should help combat shine.

  5. I use Armada 70 too esp when swimming. However, I find it a bit heavy (greasy) on the face, so I opt to use Neutrogena Dry Touch Ultra Sheer Foundation in a lower SPF though (SPF 50) during hot summer days. For colder days, I just used Shu Uemura UV Underbase with SPF 17. 😉

    I was a fan of Kiehl’s too, although I don’t really like the smell in the long run :(. But, twas my HG lip balm when I was under oral isotretinoin medication.

    Great to stumple upon this blog, Marie! xx

    • Ah, great choices, Roanne! So many products out there and so little time! 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog. How did you hear about it, may I ask?

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