I love Bobbi Brown because…

Every makeup artist's sidekick

Every makeup artist's sidekick

1. she’s a sought-after celebrity and fashion makeup artist

2. her cosmetic line is so down-to-earth and easy to use

3. her career evolution is inspiring

4. she has published four great books

5. she has a fifth one: The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual (P1,235). Each page is loaded with practical techniques and tips (plus excellent model and product shots) that any makeup artist—aspiring or seasoned—can use.
How to put together a basic box (then spruce it up with more advanced tools), choose makeup colors for specific facial features, find your style, create your own portfolio, and make a serious career out of makeup artistry—this book should be every makeup artist’s bible. I bought this as a Christmas gift to myself. Four months later, I still refer to it when I write beauty stories, look for makeup inspiration, or make a checklist of what to pack when I do weddings or photo shoots. If you’ve never wanted to be a makeup artist before, you’ll change your mind when you read this.


2 thoughts on “I love Bobbi Brown because…

  1. Marie-Marie! Her first book, “Bobbi Brown Beauty,” made me want to be a makeup artist 🙂 And I still remember what you said back then, “There’s lots of room for everybody.” Aww 🙂 I’ll make sure to get this new one soon!

    • Oh Mariel, you and your excellent memory. Yes, you’ll have more luck buying the book in the U.S. Sandra Lacson and Ina Casas of Bobbi Brown Philippines that the book is sold out!!!

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