How are your toe nails today?

Almost every morning while on my climbing trip in Thailand, my partner in climb and crime Simon and I would warm up on some easy sport climbing routes on the beach. One morning, we marched down to our usual warm-up wall, only to find out that the area was “closed.” “Closed?!?!,” I asked. “Closed” is for book stores, restaurants, schools and offices; places surrounded by four walls; not an outdoor climbing area!
“They’re filming a Japanese commercial for a toe cream,” said one of the island locals. We approached the beach to find a helicopter parked in the middle of the beach. In it sat a giant toe.

Mr. Big (Toe). The man in black is the lucky wearer of the infected toe model

Mr. Big (Toe). The man in black is the lucky wearer of the infected toe model

YES, A GIANT TOE! It was almost the size of those fastfood mascots and looked exactly like a big toe in pretty bad shape. A man dressed in black wore the suit on his head (and half his body), and he was safely fastened inside the chopper, which would fly by the front of the beach whenever the director shouted “Rolling!” (or however you say it in Japanese).
Seeing that big toe—its nail enveloped in fungus—made me question the state of my toe. And hopefully it will make you question yours.
Make an appointment with your manicurist, and make sure your technician uses properly-sanitized tools. Better yet, buy your own set (Check out O.P.I.’s complete manicure set in Essenses, Rustan’s). Other establishments like Dashing Diva in Rockwell provides you with your own set which comes in a sealed pack that the manicurist opens in front of you. Just some food for toe-t.


19 thoughts on “How are your toe nails today?

  1. Food for toe-t… hahaha

    Yup your current blog post made me take a look at my toes! Here in the Netherlands, I’ve only gone to a nail salon once. The blonde girl in charge of my toes made me sit on this contraption that looked like a dental chair of yore (I was watching a Friends re-run and ‘yore’ came up pretty often).

    Underneath this chair was — some sort of sander! The nail specialist (she had to study 2 years to be able to get a diploma for pedicures) sanded my toe nails. I didn’t say anything. I behaved like a willing guinea pig just to see what else was in store for me… the vibration beneath me felt kinda erotic (but that’s another story).

    Anyway, these days, I clean and pamper my own toes (and feet). I heard of fish doing some toe cleaning in Manila. Any news on that?

    • Or maybe foot for toe-t. Wow, so impressive how it takes two years for someone to be certified to be a manicurist. Next time you visit your manicurist, can you take a photo of that sanding machine?

      • Sure! I’ll have to look for that salon – they moved. Hahaha, on the big toe and the toe-t. Hey, there’s also toe reading. Some people can tell your future based on your toes. They can look in-toe your future!

  2. Hey they have that fish thing here in Singapore. I have a free trial since I bought a massage packag and haven’t found the guts to try it yet. I just might feel I’m in an 80s B movie (Piranha).

    Marie, the toe reminded me of when you were studying Bio. Mitosis…

    Anyways, I examined my toes, and I still have my wine colored polish on. I think they’re ok. Although I think I really should get my own cleaning stuff.

  3. Heeheehee =)Big rotten toe! Did make me check my toesies which are still fully covered with my 5 year old’s glittery pink nail polish. Though my lifetime partner in crime Rox is the one who reminds me to go for regular mani/pedis. Would you believe he has mani/pedis more often than me?

    • I applaud your hubby for getting regular pedicures. Simon has learned the benefits of a good foot scrub, too. 🙂

  4. Marie, now I have a new nickname for you because of this post.

    (thanks Pinks for the idea…)

    “My Toe Sis”

    I loved this post. You nailed it and touched my sole.

    Do you think I am a little crazy for not wanting a monthly pedicure? You know, a little ‘kuko’?

  5. hahahahaha! I saw that commercial just recently at the trains here in Tokyo. I thought I recognized the limestone cliffs of Krabi.

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