Getting Fully Landscaped?

Does your secret garden need bushwhacking? Read on.

Does your secret garden need bushwhacking? Read on.

Fully Landscaped. I just learned this term today as I was flipping through The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets by Kym Douglas and Cindy Pearlman. “Used to describe someone who doesn’t have hair in places where she doen’t want hair,” say the authors, who have another book called The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets. Who knew that such a light read could inspire me to come up with my top 3 Fully Landscaped Finds. They are, in no particular order:

1. California Nails and Day Spa in Galleria (For bookings, call or text +639178607657). Hannah, the salon’s lone waxing specialist, does aΒ  is very light-handed and has a keen eye for the smallest stray hair. (starts at P700)

2. Reggie Navarro (Call or text +639173991189 or +639208183410) will go to you and give you the cleanest Brazilian you can imagine. She is a perfectionist, and will leave your nether regions as bare as a baby’s bottom, even if it means pulling out her trusty tweezers and plucking out remaining sparse strands one by one. Her convincing powers are very strong, too. My good friend came to see her for just a bikini wax, but Reggie sweet talked her into getting fully landscaped (I can’t stop using this word!), so my friend, a Brazilian virgin at the time (not a virgin Brazilian, mind you, that would be a totally different thing), cursed me at the start, but became a believer soon after. (starts at P700)

3. Wilma the Bulbolizer (+639178059176) is an expert waxer based in Pampanga. She comes to Manila two or three times a week (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays), so you’ll have to fashion your landscaping schedule around hers. And yes, she has coined the term Bulbolizer. Got your period? No problem, says Wilma. She’ll get you stripped and bare in no time. Her clientelle is star-studded too, but I won’t reveal any names here. (P900 for full landscaping [last time I’ll say this, promise], including legs, arms, and eyebrow threading).


25 thoughts on “Getting Fully Landscaped?

  1. Hi marie! your site looks great–informative and witty at the same time. i love this new term–The bulbolizer! haha

    • Wow what an uncanny talent indeed! Yes, Wilma is quite sulit. If you’re a first timer and are afraid of the pain, she’ll distract you with her hilarious anecdotes.

  2. Marie, I shall just turn this into an Ask Marie column for a bit…

    Do you know how much laser hair removal costs? And where’s a good place to get it done?

    • Oooh I forgot to reply to this one. I’ll do the research for you Tish. (I don’t need laser hair removal kasi eh… Hahahaha!)

  3. Tish, I spent 30k for 8 sessions at Facial Care Center.
    Legendary Wilma the ‘B’ continues to fully landscape me every month ( and update me on her tragic love story — I’m telling you this woman is a character for a top telenovela). A lot of my friends turned to Wilma after they found out WHO her VIP showbiz list is. Luv this blog Marie!

  4. Loving your blog so far! However I don’t think I can go fully landscaped. I can’t stand the pain so there’s usually a landing strip left.

    • Hey, Makatigirl! Thanks for the quick note! To each her own, so even if you prefer to keep that landing strip there, at least you know you’re still tending your secret garden. πŸ™‚

      • What happens when the fully landscaped secret garden starts to grow? Doesn’t it get prickly? Or is it like peach fuzz? Halata that I haven’t gone all the way!

      • How does your garden grow? It doesn’t itch (it will if you shave), and over time, hair grows finer.

  5. OMG I can’t stop laughing β€” bulbolizer! Hmm. I go to Pampanga almost every weekend. I can go pick her up if that’s the case! Wonder where exactly in Pampanga she’s based though. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, you can pick her up when you are in the land of the silent H’s. She won’t mind going to you using her car though (business is THAT good for her), thanks to all her fully landscaped fans.

  6. A nurse I met gave me the Bulbolizer’s number. It’s been with me for a year now but I haven’t gotten in touch with her yet. I didn’t know her name is Wilma. I haven’t tried Brazilian. πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Tani! Wilma has quite a celebrity following. πŸ™‚ Haven’t gone Brazilian? There’s always a first time. If not, start with baby steps and just get a bikini waxing.

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