I don’t have a fetish for feet, but…

Simon's feet after 100 Kilometers. Weathered and worn, but blister-free!

Simon's feet after 100 Kilometers. Weathered and worn, but blister-free!

…I give them lots of TLC, especially when I go on long runs. My guy Simon Sandoval finished the recently held The North Face 100-Kilometer foot race, where his poor feet endured getting wet in the river crossings, rubbed by volcano ash, and beaten from the uphills and downhills of the offroad terrain. After 28 and a half hours of racing, his feet emerged from his socks (eight changes, by the way) without a single blister. His secret? A combination of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and several swipes of Body Glide.

I’ve had the unfortunate incident of developing a really bad blister while running a half marathon. By kilometer 8, I felt a hot spot on the left arch of my foot, but I ignored it. Half way through, I knew the hot spot had turned into a full-grown blister, and I could feel the inner part of my shoe rubbing, rubbing, rubbing. But I kept running, running, running. Two kilometers from the finish line, I felt a pop. I dreaded to see the mess that I caused, and as I slowly removed my (gasp) bloodied sock, I saw a blister about the size of two five peso coins side by side. I learned two painful lessons that day: Smother my good old size 7s with the aforementioned anti-blistering products, and the moment you feel a hot spot forming, stop running, take off your shoes and socks, and apply more of those products. If you’re still not convinced, I’ll post a photo of my bloodied blister.


19 thoughts on “I don’t have a fetish for feet, but…

  1. OMG. Vaseline is really the body’s best friend! I used to do some major moisturizing therapy for my very dry legs using Vaseline! It really worked!

    • That’s right! Didn’t Ate Michi use to apply Vaseline on the back of her knees and then wrap them with Saran Wrap?

  2. Hey Marie! Love your site and the topic. Will petroleum jelly work din kaya with my dive booties? I normally start blistering or show some semblance of possibly blistering after my 2nd dive.

    • Hey Maryjo! Thanks for the positive feedback. Yes, I’m almost sure the Vaseline will work with your dive booties. Let me know how it goes, and we may have another beauty tip to share to other women!

  3. Wow galing Simon! Mister Blister-free!

    Well, me naman when my feet are dry or I expect them to crack, I rub a cream meant for the nipples of cows – on my feet ha!

    They stay nice and soft.

  4. So that’s Simon’s secret! No wonder he’s a road/trail monster. šŸ™‚ Hey good luck to him at the Mont Blanc ultra-m! He was supposed to be one of our guests last week but power at the station unexpectedly went out. šŸ˜¦

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