What eyeliner and mascara will stand heat, sweat and tears?

This pen is mightier than most liquid liners.

This pen is mightier than most liquid liners.

If you’re in search of eye makeup that won’t quit, try these two:

Revlon Liquid Eye Pen (P575, Watsons, SM Department Stores, Landmark, Robinsons, Gaisano Metro, PCX) is an easy-to-handle liner because its tip is firm and stable, not soft or stiff like other felt tip eye pens. The first line I drew on my lid deposited a light, watercolor-like finish, but as I layered it several times, it produced a dark and precise effect.
Dior Diorshow Iconic Extreme (P1,950, Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-la Tower, Alabang, Cebu) is one of the brand’s best selling mascaras. The product prides itself in its oblique cut wand and soft silicone bristles, which coated my lashes from root to tip. Even the very short, often neglected lashes on the outer corners of my eyes were coated and curled.
The score: I applied the liner and mascara at 10AM, then wrote in my apartment sans airconditioning until 3PM, walked to the corner of my street to catch a cab in the punishing heat, met my dear friend for coffee at 4PM (still hot!) and laughed with said girl friend until I cried, then climbed and sweat nonstop for three hours in a stuffy, humid climbing gym. I got home at 10:30PM and was thrilled to see my perfectly lined eyes and wonderfully curled lashes were still sitting pretty on my face. Now it was time to take it off. I used my index finger to rub off the liner, which is like scratching a prepaid card to reveal your username and password (without the coin, and with less effort). I washed the mascara off—the label says it’s waterproof but rinsable, which saved me the hassle of using an eye makeup remover.
Now, I don’t recommend you wear makeup when you work out, but subjecting the makeup to all the activities I did simulates the conditions of being in a crowded bar, at a wedding where you’re most likely to cry, or dancing all night long. Two thumbs up to these eye makeup products that work as hard as we all do.


15 thoughts on “What eyeliner and mascara will stand heat, sweat and tears?

  1. Wow! Okay I’ll look out for those. The Diorshow just sounds expensive, but am curious. Anyway, hey, we both just wrote about pens/markers… over at my blog they’re Sharpies 😉

    • Hey Angelica! Thanks for sending me your waterproof makeup votes! I’m sure other women will check it out, too!

  2. I’m lazy when it comes to wearing mascara but this sounds good! I’ve been meaning to ask you about what mascara suits a lazy girl. If I go out on a rainy day, I worry that I might look like Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker!

  3. hi marie. enjoyed reading your blog. 🙂
    i would like to recommend the max factor eyeliner (black/charcoal color)—it’s the one you gave me during our halloween party last year. it’s sooooo easy to use. i love trying the “angelina jolie” cat eye look. plus it’s smudge-free. good thing i read your blog. i’m planning to buy a new one this week. 🙂 i’m now an eyeliner convert. hehe!

    • Hey riotousmix! Ah yes, Max Factor is a waterproof favorite, too. I remember that cat eye look you wore (with matching cat ears, which you wore to the bank, I love it!).

  4. hahaha! and it’s easy to remove afterwards. i use philosophy makeup remover.
    it feels like a moisturizer and makeup remover at the same time. the eyeliner residue just glides off easily. 🙂

  5. Revlon’s liquid eye pen stands up to the 110 degree Vegas heat! The black gets pretty dark after a few applications and I’ve been rocking it goth-style at night. The brown is perfect for day/office wear. Great tip, Marie! Thanks.

    • Glad you like the product! And wow, you have two pens that are perfect for paperwork and for partying! Nice one. 😉

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