What’s in a name?

Have you gotten one lately? NARS' Orgasm blush, I mean.

Have you gotten one lately? NARS' Orgasm blush, I mean. Photo courtesy of NARS

With makeup brands using sexually implied labels like Pick Up Liners (The Balm, Beauty Bar), Velvet Teddy Lipstick (MAC, Rustan’s) Deep Throat and Orgasm Powder Blush (NARS, Rustan’s), it’s refreshing to see other brands taking the funny route, like Sexy Motherpucker (Soap & Glory).

Sense of style + sense of humor = great product

Sense of style + sense of humor = memorable product Photo courtesy of Soap & Glory

My friend who flew in from Dubai bought this lipgloss at the Dubai International airport, and she admits, she bought the product for its name more than its color.

This prompted me to think of my own explicit names for my imaginary cosmetics line:
Pluck You– Tweezers
Son of a Glitch– Eye makeup remover
Foot ang “In” Ahhh!– Smoothing Foot and Nail Moisturizer Oh Sheet– Oil-absorbing wipes

What names can you suggest?


53 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

    • Come to think of it, Bad Ash would still click. It’s for the woman who doesn’t want to look prim and proper.

  1. Looks like my earlier comment didn’t get published… “Eye-Pack-You” Relaxing eye gel mask!

    “Sun o’ the Beach” Dark Tanning Lotion

    “Bad Ash” Hair Color!

  2. I am so embarrassed to say I can’t even think of anything to add to the list! either I don’t wear make up or my vocab is very limited!

  3. A red lip gloss or blush called “Pop the Cherry”

    But I think the product which most deserves a sexy name are those new vibrating mascaras. Like Heart Thrrrrob.

    Miss you guys!

      • You can’t go wrong with Get Naked. hehe.

        what about “Kulot Salot” – hair straightener or flat iron.

        “Nail ’em hard!” – nail hardener (like Sally hansen’s?)

        “Nail ’em gooooood!” – nail polish for healthier nails. haha.

        My god, I was thinking about these crazy names while at work today. Di ko talaga pinalampas eh! :))

        BTW, this is jerwin’s lil sister from bel-air. hiii! 😀

      • Of course I figured out you’re Badit! 🙂 Loving your racy ideas, girl!

  4. this should be the start of the calica enterprises of which i predict will be a huge success!

    pluck till you drop!
    born lippy!

  5. I also want to suggest a slimming cream to target the waistline:

    Kill Bilbil – it cuts like a knife…

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