Water world: Ace Water Spa's numerous massage centers are perfect for post-race winding down.

Water world: Ace Water Spa's numerous massage sytems are perfect for post-race winding down.

Yesterday I joined the Run For Home 21-Kilometer race sponsored by Globe. All of the conditions were perfect—the sky was clear (although that was a bit difficult to see because the assembly time at the starting line was 4:30AM), my running team and I were complete, and I was set to have a pleasant training run (three months four months to the New York City Marathon). I slathered my feet in Vaseline, massaged a good deal of Murad Waterproof Sunblock on my face, downed my trusty bottle of Hornet Juice, and I was off. I recognized a lot of seasoned runners and newbies, and enjoyed observing participants’ outfits, gadgets, hydration packs, running shoes, and running styles.

Two hours and some minutes later, I crossed the finish line feeling like a million bucks (thanks, Hornet Juice!). I couldn’t think of a better reward than a visit to Ace Water Spa in Del Monte, Quezon City to help soothe my labored muscles. In this hydrotherapy center, water soothes and invigorates muscles, improves blood circulation, and releases toxins. Aquatic jets release high-pressured water in and out of the warm pools, so I experienced different massage techniques for different body parts. The nine-pool center is perfect for kids, too. My nieces and nephews came along (thanks, Simon, for helping me babysit!) so they enjoyed the lazy river, waterfalls, floor fountain, and even some of the massage systems. My favorite part—the hot lavender herbal pool where I sat for 2 or 3 minutes and let my skin breathe while my tight leg muscles relaxed. Then I dipped in the cold whirlpool (I lasted only one second). Two hours later, we headed for home, my head hit the pillow, and I slept like a baby.


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  1. Wow! ‘Hot lavender herbal pool’ already sounds soo relaxing already just reading it. What’s in Hornet Juice? (Sorry tamad ba to Google hehe.) I have a question re: Vaseline when running: Do your feet feel squishy, or do the socks take care of that?:)

    • Mariel talaga you’re so funny. Check out http://hornetjuice.com for more info, but in a nutshell, this drink uses your fat reserves to give you more energy when you work out. I’ve been using it in all my races and long training runs and I always experience great results.

      As for the Vaseline feeling, no I never have a problem with gooey, squishy sensations. 🙂

  2. Hey Marie! I have been an avid fan of you ever since CANDY magazine. I got confused why I could not see anymore of my fave glossy magazines. Where was I during this time? OMG!

    Please continue and maintain your blog. I have a total of 2 blogs now. I earn money with my bad writing and placing Ads too. You can do the same as well.

    Good luck! As always, I enjoy reading your ideas, thoughts and opinions!


    • Hey Maldeetuh! A fan since CANDY magazine? Maybe you’re referring to my sister Maya, who started CANDY and was the editor in chief. 🙂 Either way, I’m glad you made the time to stop by. What are your blogs? Glad that you are able to make money out of doing what you enjoy. 🙂

  3. This sounds lovely, beauty coach! Can you take me there when I go to Manila again? Wow, the nephews and nieces went! Soooo much fun! Wish I was there too!

    Congratulations on the run! I agree — Hornet Juice really helps enhance your performance. I took it before I did my running on the cruise ship, and felt strong again. I even felt slimmer in my jeans after a few days.

  4. I don’t climb mountains and I don’t do marathons, that’s why I’m not really into Hornet Juice. But if I take it before I brisk walk for an hour, and it will make me feel slimmer, I’ll use the few packets I have here with me!

    Hot lavender herbal pool? Take me there! The scent of lavender is also good for those taking exams. Higher grades daw. I have to test this myself.

  5. Make sure to try the station where you lie down on a block and huge drops rapidly drop from heaven, like a heavy downpour all over – the best 🙂

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