Pump up the volume!

Guess who got a new Lab partner? Kerastase did.

Guess who got a new Lab partner? Kerastase did.

I visited Bench Fix Lab (G/L Glorietta 4 between Ascott Hotel and Modern China Restaurant; 815-6913), who recently partnered with Kérastase to give birth to the Kérastase Lounge, a private area dedicated solely to haircare. Oliver Salva, Kérastase’s product manager, gave me the tour of the swanky-looking lab, which not only has an extensive menu of haircare and makeup services, they also have private rooms for full body massages, waxing, and threading services (ooh, another place to get fully landscaped!).

Oliver then sat me down in front of a scanner, which magnifies one’s hair and scalp up to 1,000 times (before you get any kind of treatment in the Kérastase Lounge, you have to get your head and strands checked to see what treatment suits you).

Getting my head checked: That's my scalp.

Getting my head checked: That's my scalp a thousand times magnified.

Aaak, my hair strands looked sooo thick and the little capillaries on my scalp looked huge under the microscope—I got flashbacks of Darth Vader’s head—sans his helmet—in the Empire Strikes Back). Oliver knew what my head had been through the day before. “Did you wear a cap yesterday?” he asked, pointing out that my scalp looked a bit red and slightly irritated (yes, I wore one in the race I joined the day before). I was amazed. It was like I was in a confession booth, and Oliver knew all my sins.

Thankfully my hair and scalp were in pretty good shape (whew!) so I was cleared to receive the salon’s latest offering—Kérastase Volumorphose, the solution to limp, flat, and volume-less locks. The process is simple: your hair is sectioned and then applied with the volumizing ingredient Intra-cylane, which penetrates the core of your hair strand. It supposedly causes your strand to expand, thus giving it volume and body. Your hair is massaged for 20 to 30 minutes, and then rinsed and shampooed, then your locks are blown dry. What?! That’s it?

Those fat black cables are my hair strands.

Those fat black cables are my hair strands.

Nope. You see the effect the next day. I washed and air dried my hair (I let it air dry), and was surprised to see that I looked like I got a professional blow out. No kidding! People that I saw or worked with that day couldn’t quite put their finger on what made my hair look good (whew), but now YOU know my secret. One thing I forgot was to shoot myself before and after. You have my word though: my hair looked pretty good.

What to ask for at Bench Fix Lab: The Volumorphose Treatment
How much it costs: P1,000
Added treats: A hot stone massage (it comes with the service) while you wait for the product to set in.
How long it lasts: Up to 10 shampoos. After five, however, I noticed that it’s not as voluminous, but it still looks good.


14 thoughts on “Pump up the volume!

  1. Now this is great news for fine and limp hair like mine! There are only 2 shampoos that make my ok look like it’s “fresh out of the salon”. Kerastase in the light green bottle, and that Greek Propolis shampoo. And for someone like me who hardly has any major Salon treatments, I would go for something like this!

  2. Pinky: Let me know when you’re flying to Manila and I will accompany you to get this treatment!
    Rox: Why yes, my male readers need SOMETHING to relate to! 😉

  3. wow! this is really tempting if volume was my problem. as it is, my hair raises like tina turner til kngdom come. 🙂 but going to the fix lab is tempting… 🙂 thanks for still writing. i’m quite a fan. 🙂

    • Hey Rowena, Birdie’s right. When I got my treatment, there was a girl who got the Oleo-Relax Slim and she was pretty happy with the results.

    • Hahaha Badit you’re hilarious! Good thing your hair behaved. Your stylist should have told you that you didn’t need the extra volume, though. Thanks for posting the links. Will read them in a bit.

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