Oh, baby that’s what I like!

Nice, nice, baby. The Body Shop's infant care range isn't just for kids.

Nice, nice, baby. The Body Shop's infant care range isn't just for kids.

I’m not a mom, but I am aunt to 11 nieces and nephews, all of whom I have, at one point in their lives, given them a bath. Recently I played baby sitter to my nieces Erin, Iana, and Faith. The first two are eight and seven years old, so they’ve got their shower rituals down pat. The third, just turned six and needed help in the shampooing department. She stood in the shower with her eyes shut tight. Her cute little belly stuck out, and her long hair was in knots as I tried to untangle them carefully. “Owww, the shampoo is in my eyes!” This tense Tita quickly rinsed Faith’s face and closely observed if the suds were gone. Her eyes were still shut and she wrinkled her forehead and complained “owwww!!!! My eyes hurt!” Minutes and splashes of water later, she finally opened her eyes. Whew. What an ordeal.

Sleeping over beauties: my nieces Erin, Iana, Faith after a shower.

Sleeping over beauties: my nieces Erin, Iana, Faith after a shower.

That’s why I am making a mental note to get The Body Shop’s Buriti Baby range, for the next sleep over with my nieces. The entire line is pediatrician-approved, dermatologically-tested, and suitable for sensitive skin, so I’m sure they’ll get cleaned and moisturized safely and gently, thanks to the buriti oil ingredient, which contains beta carotine, pro-vitamin A, oleic fatty acids, and essential fatty acids. The scent is a gentle baby fragrance that has a hint of powder laced in it— so fresh and light. It’ll be hard to keep my hands off of these products until the next sleep over, so girls, pack up your bags and come over.

The Body Shop Buriti Baby range will be available at The Body Shop by end August. Prices start at P550.


5 thoughts on “Oh, baby that’s what I like!

  1. I love the photo!

    I’m trying to remember though- was Johnsons Baby Shampoo really gentle to the eyes? This sounds like a great idea for Moms out there!

  2. Yes, Rowena, your kids will love these. And so will you. 🙂
    Yah, Pinky, isn’t this a lovely photo? Such precious little girls.

  3. Marie! I use the Buriti Baby shampoo! hahaha (In my defense, most products out there are too harsh for me that an alarming amount of my hair falls out, so I stick to baby products)

    I switch between the Buriti and the L’oreal Professionel Tendresse (love the yummy peach scent, doesnt smell like face peach at all!)

  4. I want to check this out for myself. Would I still need conditioner? I’m too lazy for this second step.

    The photo is sooo precious 🙂 I love it, but not as much as I do the subjects :)!

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