Pass the sugar, pore favor!

Sticky and sweet: I loved the exfoliating power of sugar! Photo courtesty of

Sticky and sweet: I loved the exfoliating power of sugar! Photo courtesty of

Mary Poppins knew what she was thinking when she said a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…in the most delightful way. In my case, it helped me get rid of the dry film of skin that has formed as a result of traveling to much cooler climates. Over the past week I have been visiting family and friends in Holland and Norway, and the change in temperature has taken a toll on my skin. I forgot my trusty facial scrub(s—I have five bottles sitting in my shower rack!), and with the Euro/Norwegian Krone to Peso conversion, I saw it pointless to spend on a 6th bottle. So I decided to go the natural way and get some sugar from the kitchen of my Norwegian hosts Lars and Marie Cecile. I mixed  in two teaspoons with my regular Sekkisei facial cleanser and worked up a thick consistency and massaged it all over my face for about a minute. I pat it try and put on my trusty La Mer The Tonic and Crème de la Mer (Sandra you are a life saver!) and proceeded to get some beauty sleep. I woke up this morning with ultra soft skin. The flakes and rough patches from the day before disappeared, and my clogged pores have been cleaned out. Sweet revenge, I say.


9 thoughts on “Pass the sugar, pore favor!

  1. Sugar lang pala…

    So, sugar has its benefits! We still opt for those beauty products in pretty packages, sometimes we forget that there are natural choices waiting to be explored right on our kitchen counter!

    Great tip!

  2. I know the feeling! My skin used to be moist and oily, but when I stepped into the EU zone, it all became dry and flaky. I wasn’t really into buying products there too, ‘coz converting them into peso made me cringe! :-S

    I never thought of using sugar as scrub when I was there, but thanks to this Canus baby soap I toted along the way from MLA. It has these grainy bits that double as an exfoliant, and leave my skin moisturize and flake-free. However, the moisturising prowess ain’t enough, so this is where emollient body butters come to picture.

    You’re one posh lady owning La Mer. I find it too expensive on my side, but I guess the benefits are worth the cost.

    Oh, I actually got into your blog from Beauty for a Living’s link. Sorry for the late response. 😉

  3. Hi Marie,

    Too bad I only got to read this entry now. My skin broke out big time also when I was there a few weeks ago. Thankfully, my skin cleared up with a lot of help from my derma! Pero ‘sus, sugar lang pala would have done the trick.

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