I followed Sarah Jessica Parker’s advice

SJP says: In a pinch, use a toilet seat cover to blot unwanted shine

SJP says: In a pinch, use a toilet seat cover to blot unwanted shine. Photo courtesy of http://www.accidentalsexiness.com

In my effort to pack light for my European holiday, I pared down my makeup kit to the following necessities: Physician’s Formula Mineral Powder Foundation, Bloom Lipgloss, Shu Uemura Liquid Concealer, Za Brow Pencil, and Clarins Blush. I housed these beauty products in a smaller makeup kit, which neatly fit in my carryall.

Then on the plane I realized I left my trusty oil blotters. Fearing that my skin would experience an oil spill at the first sign of heat, I marched to the airplane toilet and allowed the spirit of MacGyver to take over. I looked around the rest room and found my salvation stuck on the bathroom wall.

Toilet seat humor: it may sound funny, but this actually works!

Toilet seat humor: it may sound funny, but this actually works!

I remember flipping through Hollywood’s Black Book of Secrets (which is quickly becoming a favorite, as you will note in my past entry on Getting Fully Landscaped), on celebrity beauty tips, and came across SJP’s quick solution: use a toilet seat cover to rid your face of unwanted oil. I pulled a sheet out and kept it in my bag (neatly folded, of course!), ready for use should the need arise. When I landed in Oslo, the weather was cold and dry. The next four countries I visited were humid-free, so I didn’t need to use Carrie Bradshaw’s beauty secret. So there, it remained a secret in my bag, until one month later when I was back home. The weather was humid and sticky, and my skin was begging for some blotting, so I pulled out the seat cover (I tore just a small piece—heaven forbid I take out the entire piece of paper in public!) and pressed it against my skin. The oil quickly disappeared and my face was free of shine. Toilet seat covers aren’t popular here in Manila, and oil blotters are cheap, but if you find yourself in a predicament like mine, at least you know that the stuff really does work.


6 thoughts on “I followed Sarah Jessica Parker’s advice

  1. hey marie the beauty guru…..now i have a unique pasalubong for my wife whenever i get back from ivory coast…..lot’s of them in dubai lounge…..hehehehehe…..

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