Beauty Resolution #1: Get Organized

Another role for your roll: Give your paper towel roll a second lease on life.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Beauty Coach readers!

If you’re like most people, you’ve arranged your closet, organized your shoe rack, and given your makeup kit a makeover. I cleaned my apartment corner by corner, starting with the easiest articles: my hair accessories. I used to keep my ponytail holders in a tray, but was never satisfied because the little multi-colored elastic rings still looked scattered, so I took my cue from a recycling tip and used a paper towel roll to hold all my clips and elastics.

What’s your neat beauty trick to get organized?


7 thoughts on “Beauty Resolution #1: Get Organized

  1. Marie! I noticed your ponytail holders when I was at your place!:D

    One of my favorite tricks (which I use at shoots but, sadly, not at home. Haha) is transferring cotton balls, buds, etc into similar containers (preferably glass), just to give a tabletop a more unified, less cluttered feel.

    • If you like the uniform look (even for your shampoo, toner, lotion, etc), check out Beabi in Galleria, Rockwell, Trinoma, and Greenbelt 5. You’ll go crazy over their cases and bottles!

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