Come experience barre3 FOR FREE!

There's such a thing as a free workout!

Apart from being a makeup artist, beauty writer, and motivational speaker, I teach a fitness class called barre3, a new group class that utilizes the grace of the ballet barre, the wisdom of yoga, and the strength of Pilates. Held at  The Spa Wellness at The Fort and The Spa Alabang, each class offers a 60-minute workout that lengthens muscles, strengthens the core, and improves your balance.

The best part is anyone can try this class FOR FREE until January 31 (pay no attention to the dates on the poster, attached here). If you’re in any of the areas, drop by and experience this fun, fulfilling class! Soon to open are the barre3 studios in Rockwell and Eastwood.


4 thoughts on “Come experience barre3 FOR FREE!

  1. Combining ballet barre, yoga and pilates can be very helpful to regain and return to every woman’s previous slim figure. It not only relaxes your mind I believe it could also boost confidence on women who especially have kids already. Those that gave birth would want to return to their slim figures the fastest way they can and because of these technique I am sure that every women’s dream can now be fulfilled.

  2. Hey Badit! So glad you had fun in the barre3 class! 🙂 The Rockwell studio will open some time in April, so that will be perfect for you (and that’s enough time to save up, too!).

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