Cream on

Minerals and Flowers: perfect combination

My hands take a beating when I climb, especially when I hold on to rough climbing holds or rock. This friction makes my poor digits tender,  red, and painful. Over time, a layer of callus builds up, thickening my skin and making it possible to hold on to smaller, sharper surfaces, which is great for climbing, but terrible for makeup artistry.

Models, brides, clients—all those who sit on my makeup chair want to feel at ease while they get their makeup done. The last thing they want rubbing against their skin is my sandpaper-like fingers. That’s why I find salvation in rich hand balms like the recently introduced Mineral Flowers Hand Cream (P430, Watson’s). This ultra-moisturizing formula is just one facet of the Israeli brand’s extensive skincare line. Its key ingredients: Dead Sea minerals, which penetrate the skin and nourish skin cells to help stabilize its moisture content. Other elements mixed into this hand cream are Bee’s wax, fresh flowers, pomegranate juice and peel—which help the skin regenerate and (my favorite) reduce the signs of aging. When I slather this stuff on my hands, I’m confident that my makeup subject feels the velvety hands of a dainty makeup artist, not the rough digits of a rock climber.

Mineral Flowers is available at Watson’s as well as Beauty by SM in Megamall, Mall of Asia, Makati, Cubao and North Edsa.


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