My top two Zit Zappers

Back in college I plunged into the Metro Club swimming pool at 5:30AM three times a week, where I trained with my triathlon training buddies and sisters. The water in the club pool contained so much chlorine that made my skin break out. My complexion got so bad that I had to make weekly trips to the dermatologist (without any success, unfortunately) to get pricked and scarred and sucked. I left the doctor’s office each time looking swollen and red like a longganisa.

Even when I stopped swimming, my skin NEVER cleared. The pimples weren’t as massive as when I was in college, but I had numerous bumps that took over my face. Then of course there were the zits that turned up very often like unwelcome dinner guests. I was constantly hiding under full-coverage foundation, and my high school friends can even attest to my New Year’s resolution of “finally having clear skin.”

When I took on the job as beauty and fitness editor at Marie Claire Philippines in 2005, I got exposed to different kinds of skincare and haircare products which I tested like a lab rat. These trials let me abandon my original facial soap, shampoo, and conditioner, which I later realized were the culprits of my bad skin! Finally, a moment of clarity dawned on my face. Whew!

These days my skin is smoother, with an occasional zit arising from PMS or a beauty product that doesn’t agree with me. And when that happens, I turn to two of my favorite pimple exterminators:

Junkisui Refreshing Spots Serum (P1,150), is a clear liquid that uses a tip applicator to put on this quick-acting product. Because it’s invisible, I use it on troubled spots in the day time. Because it’s so small, I can carry it with me to reapply on pimples that want to take over the planet. Hours later, the horrendous zits shrink dramatically.

My other favorite is Clarins Stop Imperfections Tinted Blemish Control Cream (P1,150). It’s a lightly-tinted cream which is aims to camouflage your spot while killing the bacteria that causes the pimple. Since I’ve gotten two shades darker this summer, this cream is too light for my skin, so I use it at night before hitting the sack, and the next morning, my once troubled area is hardly noticeable! Talk about overnight sensation!

I’m curious. What’s your tried and tested pimple treatment?

Junkisui Refreshing Spots Serum (photo courtesy of Kosé) and Clarins Stop Imperfections Tinted Blemish Control Cream (photo courtesy of Clarins) are available at Rustan’s.


7 thoughts on “My top two Zit Zappers

  1. hey marie, finally got to visit your blog :o) love it! perfect for closet kikays like me.

    the pink mario badescu drying lotion (caladryl-looking thing) worked really well in the beginning but noticed that zit ‘ripens’ first (ick! – sorry about the visual this brings). will try these 2 recos next time — hoping i wouldn’t need to…

    see ya at barre3!

    • Hey Jade! Glad you dropped by. Let me know your thoughts on which zit zapper you buy. I agree—Mario Badescu stopped working, but these two continue to fight the battle!

  2. hi, marie, whom i just bumped into this afternoon. 🙂

    mine is garnier pure a daily moisturizer (in the bright blue tube). for some reason, it just works. when i feel like my face is extra oily and i want to make sure the zits don’t even have a chance to pop out, i use it in tandem with the exfoliating face wash.

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