Sex and the City 2 at our fingertips!

Sex and the City fans are revved up for the sequel of this fabulous chick flick, and to celebrate the movie’s arrival, I’m getting my hands on Dashing Diva’s Manhattan Collection, an array of nail polish shades that scream New York.

Got myself Carrie-d AwayRight now I’m wearing Carrie-d Away (P325), a natural shade with just a whisper of color. It’s the perfect polish to make my fingers look longer and more graceful, which is the effect I want to get when I do my ballet stretches in the barre3 classes I teach. My normally stubby-looking digits (thanks to climbing) look as refined as a ballerina’s in this fresh shade.

Polish up your act with the Manhattan Collection from Dashing Diva

You’ll love the other shades, like Charlotte’s Wedding (a sweet cream color with shimmer), DD MC Miranda’s Law (a red orange color reminiscent of the fiery lawyer’s locks), Limo Service (fashionable jet black) and so much more.

The Manhattan Collection is available at Dashing Diva in Beauty Bar. For more information visit


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