Get out of that beauty funk

Try on a new lipstick shade helps you get out of a beauty funk.

You know how you have bouts of beauty-related neglect? Like when you don’t feel like plucking your brows for three days, then you think “I could do without it for a couple more.” Then another seven days pass by and you look at yourself in the mirror and find a cro magnon staring back at you. How about when keep your nail polish on even when the one nail has started to chip. “I spent a fortune on my manicure, might as well keep this on for a few more days,” you tell yourself. One and a half weeks later your poor nails look you’ve scraped them against concrete. It’s called neglect.

I realized how much I’ve been ignoring this blog when one of my star students in barre3 class sweetly reprimanded “you haven’t been updating your blog!” Gulp. It hit me. I had been putting off blogging for over a month because of this and that (working on the current issue of Runner’s World Philippines, doing makeovers for Sisters On Style—a project my sisters and I are working on [more on this in the future!], writing for Women’s Health, teaching barre3, doing makeup for weddings and magazines, running, climbing, and so much more.

I wear many hats/play different roles, but being a beauty coach is one of my favorite duties because I help women (and men, too) learn how to feel better about themselves. Another reason I love my job: Sharing beauty secrets. One of my secrets in getting out of a rut: trying on a new lipstick shade. It changes my look instantly and perks me up instantly.

Tell me, what’s your secret to getting out of a beauty rut?


8 thoughts on “Get out of that beauty funk

  1. I allow myself TLC. The other day I applied a honey mask. Or I use a really good salt scrub in the shower. Or I go for a walk to clear my head out of the rut. That usually makes me feel better physically, and sends a ripple effect to the rest of me.

    A haircut however really does it for me, like when I got a fringe. The next day, I decided I wanted to wear makeup, nice earrings and a new dress to go with the new cut 🙂

  2. Grooming my eyebrows and putting on blush! But nothing makes me happier than hair color! I quite like how I suddenly become a different person! And even my personality seems to change–I’m more serious when I’m brown, gigglier when I’m blonde, more tempestuous when I’m red! =D The husband likes it, too. He says it’s like sleeping with a new woman every time I have a new hair color hahaha

  3. A trip to my fave nail place for a foot spa and/or paraffin treatment capped with fresh nail polish on nice, clean toenails does it for me. For some reason it brightens my spirit. Twinkletoes!:)

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