Now that’s a proper French tip!

This evening instead of going for a run or accepting a friend’s invitation to Salsa night (next time, Digoy!), I stayed home and ordered a home service mani/pedi. Nail technician Wheng from Massage By Us (Mandaluyong branch) promptly arrived at 7pm and set up her station in front of my couch.

I had her paint my nails with two coats of Essie in Fed Up, one of my favorite shades because it gives my digits a fresh-looking finish. Wheng and I were admiring her work when she suggested “Ma’am lalong gaganda yan pag nilagyan natin ng French tip.” Because of my rock climbing, I have stubby fingers and I keep my nails short, so I wasn’t crazy about having her swipe a half moon on the tips of my nails (my last French tip was more a 3/4 moon than a half moon). But Wheng convinced me that she could make the tips look real, so I allowed her to do her light little swooshes on my finger nails. She kept the tip of the brush (short bristles are better than long for more control, she says) very close to the edge of my nail, to the point of painting the skin on my fingers. Then she cleaned them up any excess with polish remover. Minutes later she presented my new and improved digits which looked longer and more feminine. And because she gave me such a wonderful French tip, I gladly gave her a big tip.

Massage By Us San Juan, Mandaluyong Branch 392-6437; 0917-84RELAX


4 thoughts on “Now that’s a proper French tip!

  1. Dearest Mam,

    It gives us great pleasure in reading something like this from our clients!! First of all, I would like to thank you for trying one of our many services. We are glad to hear that you were very happy with it. Massage By Us will continue to provide quality service that clients deserve. Again, thank you so much and hope to be of service again soon!!!!!


    • Hello, Rina!
      Thanks for stopping by this blog. 🙂 And thanks for continuing to give me (and my nails) great service!

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