Touch up with TATCHA

Tatcha way u-huh-u-huh I like it!

A few weeks ago I went on a four-day surf trip that left me with a glorious tan. The upside: I don’t have to wear concealer under my eyes (my dark skin has caught up with my dark under eyes), and all I need is a swipe of blush and a bit of lip gloss to look polished. The downside: my skin has gotten oily, leaving me with a film of grease (not the John Travolta kind) on my face.

I’ve been keeping a pack of TATCHA Aburatorigami on my dresser for the past weeks, and finally remembered to use it two days ago. What’s a TATCHA,  you ask? The Aburatogami is a Japanese oil-blotting paper which was discovered hundreds of years ago by Japanese artisans who would hammer gold into ultra thin pieces. A special handmade paper was wrapped to protect the gold, and in the process this paper was made very fine, thus producing the very first form of Aburatogami. By some serendipitous process, the Japanese discovered that this paper was very oil-absorbent, and soon after that, Kabuki actors started using it to touch up their cakey stage makeup without fear of smearing off. Pretty soon Geishas got wind of it, and this became their beauty secret to keeping their skin fine and oil-free.

Many kinds of oil-blotting brands have surfaced, one of which is the TATCHA Aburatogami (P595, Beauty Bar) A package contains 30 pieces of natural, fragrance- and oil-free sheets. Each sheet has a few gold flecks—proof of its gold leaf workshop origins.

My skin is far from that of a Geisha’s, but blotting my oily, sweat-laden face with this 95-mm square leaflet is enough to get me looking naturally fresh and dewy. Now my pack of Tatcha is no longer on my dresser; I take it with me wherever I go.


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