Who is the Beauty Coach?

I am a beauty writer, a makeup artist, rock climber and runner. My approach to beauty is no-nonsense and simple, and when I put on makeup, I like to keep it real (a little goes a long way). I’ll get dolled up on some days, and leave the house bare-faced on others.

All dressed up for a photo that didn't make it to marie claire's last shoot.

Photo by Mark Nicdao. Makeup by Pia Reyes. Hair by Emar Cabiltes


30 thoughts on “Who is the Beauty Coach?

  1. Just what I needed to remind me that women runners shouldn’t always have their hair in a ponytail, should get regular pedicures, and should put make up too sometimes. I break all those rules so meeting you last weekend and finding your blog is a godsend! Looking forward to reading more beauty tips…although watching you put make up was info overload already for me haha.

    • Hi, Jaymie!

      Thanks for dropping by my office! Yes, women runners shouldn’t be afraid to get spruced up once in a while, the same way perennially-primped ladies should learn how to get dirty once in a while. Hopefully this blog can merge the two schools of beauty. Happy reading and running. See you on the road!

    • Hey KV with the cute bavy (trying to rhyme)! How are you? Thanks for stopping by. If you have any beauty questions, fire away, okay?

      • Hahaha, you’re so kulit! I’m doing well, thanks 🙂 Sige sige, when I come up with something, I’ll shoot you an email 😉

  2. Hi Marie! I finally found your blog! Pen stubled upon it, and she immediately sent me the link. 🙂 I’ll be following this from now on. Very nice! Congrats! 🙂

  3. Hi Marie!Nice blog! I’ll be leaving the country soon to pursue graduate studies and I’m glad I saw your blog. It will not just keep me informed with beauty trends but it will chase the blues away when i feel homesick (and I’m sure I will be!).

    • Hey Rachel! Thanks for stopping by. Wow, where are you going for your graduate studies? Good luck with that, and yes, keep logging in here to get a taste of home and beauty!

  4. Hi,
    Would you know a good (and affordable) make up teacher? I just want to learn how to put make up on myself for casual, office, night and day but moral booster occassions. Oh and that very tricky smoky eyes make up.


    • Hello Sabrina! Im not called The Beauty Coach for nothing! I can train you to put on makeup, give you application drills/exercises, and help you turn your black eyes into smokey eyes!

  5. Marie! Nice one!:)
    You look so pretty – as ever. I miss our coffee chats and working with you was always such a laugh.

    I will keep an eye on your site, Beauty Coach. I need to stay in the loop here in “Scarberia” Toronto.
    My site was tranferred to WordPress too, but um…i need to learn how to work with it pa. ASAP:o

    Keep it up! Miss you. Xo

    • Hey Merry! Awww thanks! You look gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! 🙂 Yes, I miss all our laughs and romping in the Cebu beach wearing… Well, you know what.

      • Hahahaha–only I was romping around in (you know whatsits! LOL). Haaaay, back in the days when I still managed to borrow AND fit(!) into your shorts! My gad… :p

        YOur website inspired me to get cracking on my website which has i’ve been having an on-again-off-again relationship with for too long now! THANKS sexy;) mmmmwuah

  6. ugh…my English seems to have slipped since moving to Canada. HAHA

    Hey! Leme ask a beauty question: Do you guys carry the latest Shu U make-up kits (lots of unfolding trays and super light weight and slim?)…How about the Luca Pro cases with trolley and seat feature? I really need to replace my kits na and was wondering if they’re much cheaper there?

    • To answer your question about the Shu Uemura beauty kits, yes, they are for sale here, and can cost up to P60,000K. Is that how much they cost over there? I don’t know if Luca Pro cases are sold here though. I can find out for you.

  7. hello marie: just wanted to ask if you knew of a hair product (spray, i guess) that would deal with smoke or food odors(especially a japanese misono lunch or dinner) on hair?

    Also, do you have any feedback on Fanny Serrano makeup? I’ve heard good things about it — price-friendly pa : )


    • Hi, Angelica!

      Years ago I know The Body Shop had a spray that helped rid locks of the nasty stench of smoke (or lunch!). It has been phased out since, but I’ll look into it for you and let you know when I have the answer. 🙂

  8. Hi,

    I’m Marlet Salazar, a contributing writer of Sunday Inquirer Magazine. I just want to ask your permission to use the Ace Water Spa photo for my article. You will be given due photo credit. Will greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,
    -Marlet Salazar

    • Hello, Marlet! The photo I used for this entry was courtesy of ACE Water Spa, so please credit them instead. They gave me several photos when I asked for pictures, so if you want more, you can email them. Just visit their website. Have you visited the place? I’m due to go back really soon. 🙂

  9. Dear Beauty Blog Queen,

    Such a pleasure to stumble upon your passionate words! So many strategies in the realm of beauty! And you’ve attracted my attention with this “chocolate without the guilt” post…

    I am a raw chocolatier out of Los Angeles… I create custom raw, vegan chocolates for a select handful of clients, using interdisciplinary herbs from around the world, superfoods, elixirs, flowers, berries, teas, crystals, mono-atomic elements, etc. Everything is possible. Sleepy chocolate, digestive chocolate, multitask chocolate, adrenal support chocolate, focus chocolate, athletic peak performance chocolate, and yes, beauty chocolate (hair, skin, nails).

    Yes Cacao – Medicine for the Moment

    Care for a sample?

    Let the dialog commence!


    Justin Polgar
    Yes Cacao

    http://www.yescacao.com – all ways evolving

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