I Do Nails is on my speed dial

I recently discovered a new at-home nail service called I Do Nails , thanks to former beauty editor of Cosmopolitan magazine Nicole De los Angeles. I’ve had my share of home service nail spas, but I have to admit, this one takes the cake. In fact my first experience with them was so good, I called them back the next week to get another treatment done! Here are the top reasons why I like them, and why you will, too.

Punctuality. I Do Nails proprietor Monica Maceda makes sure her staff gets to you 15 minutes before your schedule. She schedules appointments with enough allowance for travel and traffic, that way you don’t sit around and wait forever (which has happened quite a number of times with other home services).

Great service. The staff are well-trained (backed up by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA), and quietly carry out their business carefully and professionally, so you don’t have to worry about them pouring out their sob story about a cheating husband or rebellious child.

Added extras. The I Do Nails technicians set up a special lounge chair that has the perfect height so you can prop your feet up comfortably on their foot stool without straining your knees. Your forearms can rest perfectly on the arm rests, too. I realized how important this kind of chair was on their second visit. I said I could manage with the living room chair (pictured here), which wasn’t as comfy as their seat. And if you’re the type to bob your head from side to side when you fall asleep (and believe me, with their light touch, you will fall asleep!), you can use the provided neck rest to keep your head in place.

I especially like their refreshing cucumber mask—cool patches that they set on your eyes to rejuvenate the blood flow in that area.

Ice eyes, baby. Their cucumber patches are stored in a chiller.

Nifty little nail chart. I don’t know about you, but when nail technicians plop a heavy basket full of nail polish bottles on my lap, I don’t want to pick up each bottle and inspect the color. It doesn’t help that I’m paranoid that I’ll knock the basket off my lap and send the bottles crashing to the floor. So when I was handed their nail polish swatch, I could instantly visualize how the shade would look on my nails.

Pocket-friendly prices. The treatments range from P90 (a quickie manicure) to P600 (the Paraffin Dip: soak + your choice of organic or non-organic scrub + Paraffin + shape + massage + paint; and the Happy Weekend Package: soak + shape + massage + paint + spa for hands and feet)—very affordable rates, especially since they use O.P.I. products.

I was never one to be addicted to manis and pedis and could go for weeks without a treatment, but these guys are close to changing my mind.

Book an appointment with I Do Nails at (02) 635-2654; (02) 502-9099; (0917) 5315365; Idonailshomeservice@yahoo.com


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