Still no gift for your guy?

Two of my friends just told me that they still haven’t found their man a Christmas gift (don’t worry ladies, your secret’s safe with me). If you’re like them, may I suggest Bulgari Man, a really fresh, masculine scent that was released about two months ago.

If you want to get technical, the fragrance is a white woody oriental scent that has top notes of Calabrian bergamot, violet leaves, and lotus blossom. This is what makes the initial whiff very refreshing. The middle notes consist of woody aromas like white woods, sandalwood, and cashmere wood, which give Bulgari Man that warm touch. Its top notes have hints of white honey and musk, which tie the sophisticated scent into one super sexy scent (at least I think so) that’s perfect for your better half.

PS It doesn’t hurt that hunky Clive Owen is the fragrance’s face. I can imagine getting a whiff of him wearing nothing but Bulgari Man.


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