Looking for a trusty razor? C’est Schick!

At the Enervon Happy Trail Run I joined two months ago, I crossed the finish line and received some goodies from race sponsors. One of them was a Schick shaver. I’m very loyal to my regular Gillette razor and am skeptical about plastic disposables (they don’t give a close shave, so my leg hair starts to grow two days after), but I took one from the promo girl anyway (okay maybe I took three).

And because I’m not a fan of flimsy-looking plastic shavers (give me a sturdy, silver, hi-tech looking gadget that looks like it can chop your head off), I let those three Schick shavers collect dust on my bathroom shelf.

Last Tuesday however, as I was about to shave my legs in the shower, I found my trusty razor had reached the end of its life span. So I fished out the mint green Schick shaver from the shelf and cynically used that instead. Three days later the skin on my gams felt like they were still newly shaved, and only two days later did I start to feel a hint of leg hair growing. And they weren’t the sharp stubbly kind; they felt like fine sand grains on the surface of my legs. Looks like I’m sticking to Schick.


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